Irish-Scottish Links on Energy Study

Scotland, Ireland & Northern Ireland Territorial Cooperation IVA Programme

Partners / countries involved

The Scottish Government ( United Kingdom ); Irish Department of Communications, Marine and Natural Resources (Ireland); Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment Northern Ireland (United Kingdom);

The Irish-Scottish Links on Energy Study (ISLES) was a major initiative designed to enable the development of interconnected grid networks to enhance the integration of marine renewable energy between Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland.

Each of the three partner administrations has significant potential for offshore wind, wave and tidal energy generation. However, planning and licensing, market and regulatory complexities between the three jurisdictions act as a potential challenge to joint development. ISLES is designed to smooth the pathway to future development of high-quality, efficient, renewable energy developments.

The ISLES project has looked at  the opportunities for a more strategic approach to connecting future offshore wind, wave and tidal generation projects in the partner jurisdictions.

It has produced:

Lessons Learned

The main recommendations of ISLES have key implications for governments, regulators and industry at national and EU level. The ISLES partners consider that the study will contribute to understanding at jurisdictional and EU levels of the challenges and opportunities for enhanced cross-border cooperation on renewables and grid development.

“The ISLES project has been an area where the European Union’s INTERREG IVA programme has helped foster a thriving partnership, with cooperation on the project board between authorities in Northern Ireland, Ireland and Scotland. The project team for the first phase of ISLES won a European Structural Funds Best Practice award in 2010. Inheriting that positive experience, along with the strong working relationships forged between the jurisdictions, has been a good foundation for progressing the second phase ‘Towards Implementation’, which is due to begin in earnest. The ISLES project can play an important part in supporting future deployment of the huge offshore renewable energy potential in the ISLES zone - including wind, wave and tidal - and will be of relevance across the EU in terms of the lessons learned.” Frank McGrogan, Project Manager, Scottish Government

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  • Completed
  • Project Launch
  • 01 March 2011
  • Project completed
  • 29 February 2016

Project owner contact

The Scottish Government
Frank McGrogan
+44 1412784408

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