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In 2011, 3.4 MW of wave and tidal energy devices in advanced stages of technology development have been tested across Europe. To reach the European target of 1.9 GW of installed wave and tidal energy by 2020 – as outlined by Member States in the 2010 Renewable Energy Action Plans – will require an aggressive deployment trajectory. To achieve the 3.6 GW industry target – as outlined in the EU-OEA 2050 Ocean Energy Roadmap – an even higher rate of deployment will be required. It is estimated that the initial 10 MW of wave and tidal energy projects will cost approx. 80 M€. With associated cost reductions, it is thought that to deploy the 1.9 GW EU target for wave and tidal energy, costs will be between 4000 M€ and 6000 M€. None of these targets can be achieved without stronger industrial cooperation and greater focus on the deployment of wave and tidal energy by national and European policy makers.SI OCEAN aims at covering gaps and identifying barriers/opportunities in the areas of (a) resource assessment and potential, (b) technology priorities and areas of development (c) cost assessment and competitiveness, (d) policy and legal framework, (e) market analysis and (f) 2020/2030/2050 roadmap (scenarios, targets, penetration) in order to set up an common strategy for sector’s deployment. SI Ocean focusses on wave and tidal technologies developed in the Atlantic Arc area.The project is structured in five work packages of which WP2, WP3 and WP4 represent the core of activities covering resource, technology, cost, policy and market assessments. The key target groups are (a) European/National /Local Authorities & Public Bodies, (b) Customers & Investors (Utilities, Banks and Private Financiers) and (c) Manufacturing (Technology Developers, Supply Chain and Original Equipment Manufacturers).The main highlight of SI OCEAN is the strong and dynamic involvement of stakeholders in order to create a SI Network giving input to the project through consultations and workshops as well as strong communication, dissemination and visibility at EU level in order to consolidate a roadmap for the sector’s market uptake setting up confidence for investors, developers and policy makers. The key players are (a) MS representatives, (b) Utilities, (c) Project & technology developers, (d) European policy makers and (e) General public.

  • Status
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  • 01 September 2008
  • Project completed
  • 28 February 2011
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