Changing Habits for Urban Mobility Solutions


The aim of the project is to apply a composite CHUMS behavioural change strategy, developed by the consortium and to transfer the proven methods to the rest of Europe, through validating the method in 5 ‘champion’ cites that represent the scale of carpooling and the diversity of mobility mind-sets across Europe: Craiova (RO), Edinburgh (UK), Leuven (B), Toulouse (F) and Perugia (IT).The CHUMS behaviour change strategy includes a carpooling week, conducting personalised travel plans which include carpooling options and providing a mobility jackpot lottery to attract people to carpool. These have all been shown to produce significant behavioural changes in a wide range of places where they have been delivered: increasing car occupancy, reducing car numbers and significantly reducing energy use. Indeed the carpooling week which has been tested in over 1000 carpooling sites in the UK has won a Queen’s award for achievement.The strategic aim of CHUMS is simple – to ‘attract carpoolers, match them and retain them’, to keep the numbers rising, and to develop and transfer this proven practice to generate a core sustainable market for carpooling across Europe, so that it becomes a habitual way to travel and a recognised mobility mode for transport planning. All of the 5 ‘champion cities’ have existing car-pooling systems, at various stages of maturity, which serve ‘closed’ target groups such as work-places, large employers or universities. Once proven, the application will be equally valid for ‘open’ systems for citizens in general. The project has already developed a European carpooling ‘interest group’ with members from 19 member states and candidate countries; where further take-up of the CHUMS measures will be developed during the project. The 10 fully committed CHUMS partners include mobility behaviour experts, city authorities and carpool operators. 


  • Status
  • Completed
  • Project Launch
  • 21 June 2014
  • Project completed
  • 21 January 2015
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