Cities in Balance. Promoting Senior Economy in Europe


CIB is built on improving mainstream opportunities for seniors,with an aim of moving away from the traditional health & social care approach of intervention & treatment. This project is built on the premise that the more successful at encouraging mainstreaming of broader wellbeing issues for older people,the more the need to rely on the health & social care services will be reduced.This project focuses on services that improve the quality of life of seniors & help to enable them to live independently longer. A key activity of this project is to define & explore innovative strategies how to deal with the topic of ageing in order to empower seniors to remain/become included in their community & working life. Broadly speaking this will entail:Empowering seniors to ensure active participation in social & economic community life;Providing information & communication opportunities;Securing social, financial & technical inclusion;Providing post-retirement employment opportunities
The involvement of seniors is crucial to the success of the project and will facilitate future learning.This will ensure older people have a voice in the way developments are pursued & will provide opportunities for seniors to bring their expertise & skills to the individual pilot projects. In addition the project strives to embed intergenerational opportunities in its work as these can:foster real understanding between people of different ages & backgrounds, whilst encouraging community involvement, joint learning & the exchange of experience, skills & knowledge between generations. With this aim the promotion of social inclusion,equality & mutual respect can be advanced.Similarly,there will be a particular emphasis on fostering senior citizens' involvement in self-determined civic participation & intergenerational contact, the project has thus potential to make a significant & sustained contribution to the goal of enhancing the life of quality of senior citizens in urban environments

  • Status
  • Completed
  • Project Launch
  • 01 March 2008
  • Project completed
  • 01 October 2011
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