Developing Chiral Isothioureas as Asymmetric Organocatalysts; Synthesis, Catalysis and Mechanistic Investigations


Nucleophilic or Lewis-base catalysis encompasses a multitude of different catalyst types and reactions. Despite intense interest within this field, there still exists a need to develop novel small molecule catalyst architectures that display high catalytic efficiency and enantioselectivity in a range of C-C bond forming reactions. This project is concerned with the design, synthesis and validation of a range of chiral catalysts based upon the isothiourea architecture as Lewis bases. Building upon established precedent, materials will be designed that possess exceptional catalytic properties that will enable new asymmetric processes to be delineated. A full mechanistic evaluation of these catalysts will be completed, and applications of the optimised catalysts to carbocycle, heterocycle and natural product synthesis established. This project is of relevance to the Work Programme as it has the potential to generate excellent science and exceptional training for the Fellow that will help to contribute towards Europe s scientific output and competitiveness. Furthermore, the professional development of the fellow will also be established, ensuring that she is well placed for re-integration with her chosen career path after the end of this fellowship.

  • Status
  • Completed
  • Project Launch
  • 01 July 2010
  • Project completed
  • 30 June 2012
chiral isothioureas asymmetric organocatalysts catalysts