Development of new techniques in hatchery rearing, fishery enhancement and aquaculture for Nephrops


Fisheries landings of Nephrops novegicus (also known as Dublin Bay Prawn, Norway Lobster and Langoustine, among other names) are around 59,000 tons a year with a first sale value of close to 200 million. The NEPHROPS project is intended to bring together complementary information from survey, experimental and laboratory work. This combination of approaches is intended to create synergies and transfer of information between different research groups and the different SME and SME-AGs.
SME-AGs can start to reduce the isolation of SMEs by disseminating appropriate information, alongside information from other parts of the value chain (e.g., Whitby Seafoods Ltd, participant 7). The key outsourced RTD deliverables can be matched against questions that SME AGS have posed when asked to evaluate options for Nephrops creeling or enhancement as follows:Which habitat is of most value for creeling and as possible expansion areas?Objective - Nephrops habitat suitability mapsIs there a robust and cheap way for an SME to survey novel areas in the future?Objective -Site assessment protocolHow do recently released individuals move?Objective - Report on movements of recently released individuals including analysis by sex, size and reproductive status (berried females)Does stocking work?Objective - Report detailing survival and residency post release of seeded stock and growth of ranched stock.Can baits be improved?Objective -Novel baits manufactured and their potential for creel fishery evaluatedCan local stock be subsidized with additional food for faster growth?Objective -Juvenile Feed enhancementCan pots be improved, particularly with respect to selectivity?Objective -Creel prototype completed and evaluatedHow could a hatchery be set up?Objective - Hatchery handbookWhat is the best way of returning wild-caught discards and hatchery-reared Nephrops?Objectives - Release protocol for Nephrops and release equipment.

  • Status
  • Completed
  • Project Launch
  • 01 February 2012
  • Project completed
  • 31 January 2015
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