Einstein gravitational-wave Telescope


The aim of the ET project is the realization of a future European third generation gravitational wave detector; in fact the evolution of the gravitational wave detectors is well defined: after the initial phase, terminated in 2011, the detectors are evolving toward their second generation: the advanced (Virgo and LIGO) detector. According to the current gravitational sources modeling, when these apparatuses will reach their nominal sensitivity, the detection of the gravitational waves seems assured in few months of data taking. But the sensitivity needed to test the Einstein’s gravity in strong field condition or to realize a precision gravitational wave astronomy, mainly of massive stellar bodies or of highly asymmetric (in mass) binary stellar systems goes beyond the expected performances of the advanced detectors and of their subsequent upgrades.

  • Status
  • Completed
  • Project Launch
  • 01 January 2012
  • Project completed
  • 30 September 2014
gravitational wave astronomy telescope

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