High-throughput production platform for the manufacture of light emitting components


Light-Rolls focus on research and development of modular based production units for the seamless, high throughput manufacture of micro-structured, polymer based components and Microsystems. The scientific objective aims to realize structures in the micron range and integrate also Dies, smaller then 0,5mmx0,5mm and thickness down to 50 um to be assembled in high-speed.

Nanopar-ticulate dispersions used in fast conductive track printing technologies will allow the parallel gen-eration of conductive lines down to 30µm track width. Light-Rolls is based on highly innovative manufacturing and assembly technologies:
* RMPD®-rotation, a patented process technology, which uses a UV curable liquid to generate polymer structures (generative manufacturing approach)
* New chip assembly methods, originating from self assembly methods
* High resolution high speed conductive track and interconnection generation by ink-jet printing methodologies.

These processes comprise the founding elements of the Light-Rolls technology platform with a roll-to-roll philosophy.

The manufacturing modules will be integrable, exchangeable, with mechanical, fluidic and IT interfaces, to make it easy and cost efficient to adjust the sequence of process steps to the product to be produced. Besides the translation of processes for high-throughput manufacturing, high yield will be achieved by the application of advanced process control and production IT meth-ods. Lines run without dangerous chemicals and use integrated recycling.

For future products a Light-Rolls knowledge base for design for manufacturing will be elaborated. A pilot line will be set-up, tested for fabrication of flexible LED-display systems. Manufacture of other components like Lab-on-Chip or integration of new micro-energy storage components is possible in future to address needs of European industry.

Products have potential of 100 Mio Euro worth revenue for 1 partner alone for a 5 year period beyond project end.

  • Status
  • Completed
  • Project Launch
  • 01 July 2009
  • Project completed
  • 31 December 2012
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