Retail in Rural Regions


RRR will support shops in rural areas. The overall objective is improved service quality in small communities by supporting the survival, development and growth of rural retail shops. By that the project is enhancing economical growth of the regions.

The project purpose is to provide and sustain tailor made support for rural shops. This support will be offered by for this purpose trained professionals on the regions but also by utilizing the transnational network of professionals. Final product will be a “Triple R model” adapted and implemented in NPP regions. The main activities of the project are joined activities for mapping the needs of the shops, defining the main characteristics of the service, building the service, training the service providers and implement the service on pilot areas.

The project covers most of the NPP area: Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Scotland, Faroe Islands but also Sweden and Norway as the associated partners come from there. The partnership is a combination of research, public services and private institutions.

We aim at improved service quality in rural communities by keeping the cash flowing in shops. That means our project is about supporting the survival, development and growth of rural retail shops. Our target is to increase the number of multifunctional shops in our region. Eventually we expect it to have positive impact on economic growth of the region.

What is a multifunctional shop?

A multifunctional shop refers to a shop that provides a wide range of services in addition to groceries. The shop has the ability to survive also in regions where the population is diminishing. Services can be both public and commercial.

How does RRR-project support the shops?

RRR project tries to find best solutions for questions like

  • What are the best options to increase the shop's profitability in rural areas?
  • How to meet high standards of ICT use?
  • How to improve service quality?

RRR project will help to overcome the bottlenecks like

  • The retailers' roles and competence levels
  • The commitment from communities
  • Institutional frameworks
  • Distribution

RRR provides and sustains a tailor made support service for rural shops including for example


  • Training
  • Networking support

  • Status
  • Completed
  • Project Launch
  • 01 July 2009
  • Project completed
  • 31 March 2011
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