Royal Society of Edinburgh international research awards scheme


The Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE) runs Fellowship schemes for postdoctoral researchers, the largest and most prestigious of which is the Scottish Government funded scheme for six 5-year Fellowships per year. RSE wishes to enhance this scheme. The support costs provided over the Fellowship period are limited and have to cover equipment, consumables and travel. This constrains mobility of Fellows. RSE wishes to make travel funds available to enable Fellows to spend up to twelve months overseas to encourage them to foster collaborative links with researchers outside the UK. RSE will also support the cost of more skills training for Fellows.

The COFUND contribution will be paid in the first two years of the Fellowship so that trans-national mobility occurs early in the Fellowship and networks are developed over the 5-year period. The Fellow will be able to spend quality time with the collaborative partner, and will have time to experience the culture of the host country. These opportunities are valuable in the Fellow's career and personal development, encouraging the formation of long-term research networks.

The COFUND contribution will also enhance an existing RSE international exchange scheme that supports short-term visits before, during and after Research Fellowships. It helps to develop initial contacts, build on previous research collaborations and link with research groups overseas. Collaborative links are supported over the longer term to assist in the development of trans-national research networks. This aspect of the Marie Curie scheme will thus enable overseas collaborators to work in Scotland with the Fellow and assist in the Fellow's reintegration by reinforcing networks.

  • Status
  • Completed
  • Project Launch
  • 30 March 2009
  • Project completed
  • 29 March 2015
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