Supporting the ERA-NET Learning Platform: expanding application of the ERA-NET toolbox to a broader trans-national coordination community


Building on the successful first phase of ERA-LEARN, ERA-LEARN 2 will intensify its support for the implementation of streamlined mechanisms and increased mutual learning within the wider ERA-NET community.ERA-LEARN 2 will highlight the synergies between ERA-NETs and other forms of national and regional programme coordination and facilitate high-level analysis of policy related issues in the context of programme coordination and cooperation, including possible future developments of the ERA-NET scheme. ERA-LEARN 2 will help to optimise use of resources. It will provide tools for analysis and communication formats suitable for the exploitation of high-level expertise.In particular, ERA-LEARN 2 will- extend the NETWATCH online toolbox to further facilitate aligning and harmonising the structures and procedures needed for efficient and simplified joint call implementation;- upgrade the functionality of the toolbox to provide tools for analysis of the ERA-NET implementation;- enable and provide guidance for self-assessment of ERA-NET outcome;- provide guidance in setting up sustainable structures for call implementation;- investigate the potential for mergers or the creation of adequate management structures for facilitating a cost-efficient administration especially helping organisations with multiple ERA-NET commitments;- investigate routes to identification of themes and specific topics for ERA-NETs;- facilitate discussion on user expectations for the development and future implementation of the ERA-NET scheme and complementary forms of transnational cooperation.Aiming at wide acceptance of efforts and results this can only be done in a collective effort involving the whole ERA-NET community.ERA-LEARN 2 will thus help to establish a creative forum for the exchange of experience, good practice and ideas and for discussion of the development of the ERA-NET instrument in the context of possible methods of transnational programme coordination.

  • Status
  • Completed
  • Project Launch
  • 01 May 2011
  • Project completed
  • 31 October 2014
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