Synergies in multi-scale inter-linkages of eco-social systems


SMILE project responds to the EU seventh framework programme, theme 8 “Socioeconomic Sciences and Humanities” (SSH).

The project will be based on previous work carried out by the project partners in a FP6 DECOIN project (Development and Comparison of Sustainability Indicators, see The idea is to use the procedure that have been developed in DECOIN to analyse the trade-offs and synergies between different aspects of sustainable development.

The project consortium consists of non-profit research organisations with a strong background in environmental issues and/or sustainability indicators/evaluation. During the creation of the consortium, great care has been taken that all partners will not only contribute to the project, but will also receive immediate as well as long-term benefits from the project, either by strengthening existing activities or by opening up new directions in their field. This ensures high motivation and the identification of all partners with the objectives of this research project.

The SMILE project final conference will be held in Tampere on 9. - 10.6.2011 at the same time as "Trends and Futures of Sustainable Development" conference.

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  • Completed
  • Project Launch
  • 01 April 2009
  • Project completed
  • 31 March 2012
socio-economic sciences sustainable development synergies

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