The devlopment of a novel rare-earth magnet based wave power conversion system - Snapper


Our concept is a step change in enabling cost effective marine energy renewable capture. It is the development a novel low cost, high efficiency linear generator for marine wave energy extraction, (Snapper). Initially embedded within Point Absorbers and then transferable to other marine energy type capture devices, both wave and tidal, with energy efficiency of the generator of between 75%-80%. The primary advantage of the Snapper technology extending it beyond the state of the art is its ability to act as a magnetic gearing system. This leads to a significant reduction of the mass of the materials needed within the electrical generator, especially rare early magnets. This will result in a cost saving, based on the raw materials from over 40k to under 7k for a 175KW electrical machine. This will enable a step change in the economic potential for the conversion of wave energy into electricity. To achieve this our technological objectives are: 1) To provide a low friction interface; a coefficient of friction (of not greater than 0.2¼) between the translator and the stator with a design lifetime of 20 years operation, 2) To achieve a robustness of design according to six sigma criteria, 3) To achieve environmental protection of the development against marine environments; up to a depth of 60m (6 BAR), wave loading (25 year storm event),salinity (3.5%), anticorrosion (5 year) and biofouling (5 year); and, 4) ensuring that the development is intrinsically environmentally benign. We will also ensure that the system is grid compatible i.e.can be connected to an electrical distribution grid.

  • Status
  • Completed
  • Project Launch
  • 01 September 2009
  • Project completed
  • 31 August 2011
marine energy magnets linear generator