Virtual Physiological Human: Personalized Predictive Breast Cancer Therapy Through Integrated Tissue Micro-Structure Modeling


Personalised predictive modelling of breast cancer allows treatment stratification, preventing unnecessary and unsuccessful treatments.

VPH-PRISM (Virtual Physiological Human: Personalized Predictive Breast Cancer Therapy through Integrated Tissue Micro-Structure Modeling) addresses these key topics with integrated multidisciplinary, multi-scale ICT modelling of breast tissue microstructure in the context of environmental, genetic, and clinical factors.

VPH-PRISM will provide a proof of concept for multidisciplinary model based discovery of environment-tissue interactions, quantitative drug efficacy assessment, surgery planning, and treatment outcome prediction at both early and advanced stages of breast cancer.

The EU funded project consists of 9 project partners with leading expertise in the field of pathological and radiological imaging, image processing as well as biophysical and statistical modelling, with EIBIR as the coordinating partner. The 3-year project offical start date is 1 March 2013 and is supported by the European Commission with a financial contribution of €3.7m.

  • Status
  • Completed
  • Project Launch
  • 01 March 2013
  • Project completed
  • 29 February 2016
ICT Breast Cancer personalized predictive therapy