Roma-NeT II


ROMA-NeT URBACT II project was established to create a new approach to stimulate information sharing and development across the complex Roma integration policy and operational environment in nine European cities.

Though the European and national framework improved a lot during the past few years more efforts are needed to translate these into concrete local actions and once a local action plan is created to ensure delivery of actions, active engagement of stakeholders. The new programming period offers new opportunities and cities want to explore innovative actions and CLLD and other European programmes to improve project management, monitoring capacities and consolidate new governance structures.

Key point of focus

A next phase of ROMA-NeT will provide the opportunity to build project management capacity and to review and revise local operational structures to ensure they underpin future implementation.  The institutional members of the LSGs should become enablers and brokers for public administration and funders working together with NGO members who should become the real bridge into the community with a multiplier role.

Our previous experience with URBACT (observers in URBACT I and LP in URBACT II) was a very good motivation to stay tuned…. The URBACT methodology, the dedicated support of the Secretariat, not to mention the vast knowledge of the partner ctities, the supportive and creative environment created by our LE and thematic experts are all carrots that we could not resist.

We will share our results and learning not only with the URBACT community, but with as many European cities as possible. All the partners and Local Support Group members will benefit from the transnational exchanges and they will use this knowledge for the benefit of the local community.

  • Status
  • Completed
  • Project Launch
  • 01 December 2013
  • Project completed
  • 31 March 2015
information sharing operational environment integration policy