My Generation at Work


The main objective of My Generation at Work is to promote the employability of young people in a changing labour market, with special focus on enterprising skills and attitudes.

Three main problems plague projects and policies in Europe: target-group thinking, fragmentation of action and low sustainability of results. As a target group, young people are left in a passive role, treated not as a vital resource, but as a problem.

New challenges call for new solutions

Today’s news is filled with messages of crisis and change in the global markets and the world of work. It is a confusing, precarious and scary world for the young generation thinking about careers, skills and jobs. Europe is aging; post-war generations are being pensioned, but the emerging opportunities and the new world of work is not the same as it was for them. Finding and sustaining a job is profoundly different today and tomorrow, and young people are exposed to sudden changes, precarious employment and careers, and a need for continual re-adaption. At the same time the changes open up new possibilities, challenge old ways of building skills, finding employment and creating jobs. Finding employment is no longer just a linear process of basic education –vocational education –looking for a ready job –being employed (and staying there).

Finding jobs and carving out a career today and tomorrow calls for enterprising attitudes and skills. The situation calls for new solutions and better multi-stakeholder cooperation –especially with the young people themselves. This is what My Generation at Work is set to do. 

Our objectives and challenges are explained in more detail in the Baseline Study.

My Generation at Work aims at making new service products (social innovations) in the following areas:

  • Developing Enterprising Curriculums
    Better connections between education and work, with special focus on building enterprising skills and attitudes
  • Developing Spaces for creative connections and business development
    Multi-stakeholder platforms for creative connection, coordination and development of enterprising
  • Developing Brokerage for Reintegration and work
    Providing facilitated pathways of reintegration, second chances and connections to work demand
  • Local Action Plans
    Local Plans where the new service products are consolidated, and further development outlined. This is a common product for all cities

Promoting the employability of young people in the changing labour market, with special emphasis on enterprising skills and attitudes.


  • Status
  • Completed
  • Project Launch
  • 21 March 2008
  • Project completed
  • 31 March 2011
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