VIrtual SAmple GEnerator for 3d textile design - Virtual prototyping solution, integrated with production, cost, sales and mobile, for 3D sample preview of new fabric and yarn styles



VISAGE will implement the full deployment of 3D virtual textile design generation technology into a new solution, first time integrating it with all IT tools for EU fashion textile SMEs into a single and integrated ecosystem at commercial level. This new and unique tool, centered on virtual design, will boost SME creativity by the passage from traditional textile business model, based on physical sampling, to reverse engineering based on virtual one and customization service. To reach this result, enabled by SoA KET and research results exploitation in commercial environment, VISAGE will be implemented by the following 4 technological modules:

  1. tridimensional effects for realistic advanced fabric surface visualisation by virtual prototyping (WP2)
  2. content generation on the basis of production cycle (ERP, MES), cost and sales (WP3)
  3. 3D VP release to users (WP4)
  4. software integration platform and interoperability set up (WP5)

The core module starts from Domina native textile CAD, which will be completely revisited on the basis of web based architecture. Scotcad tridimensional SoA surface visualization, developed in FFD research project, will be integrated into CAD in order to create the core virtual prototyping tool and to adapt it for real manufacturing commercial use. It will be designed to be able to work also as stand alone, but in order to maximize the impact and to overcome market barriers due to textile fragmentation, the integration with the other enterprise IT tools, eventually third parties, will be studied on the basis of Moda-ML and eBIZ interoperability standards by the partner ENEA and EURATEX. Each module will work with the close support of industrial end user validation, by periodic user acceptance assessment. VISAGE commercial solution expected cost will be constantly updated and kept under control to meet SME market expectations, necessary to realise VISAGE commercial business plan and reach its full business deployment objectives at EU level

  • Status
  • Completed
  • Project Launch
  • 01 April 2016
  • Project completed
  • 31 March 2018
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