Advanced Limes Applications


The Advanced Limes Applications (ALApp) project will produce mobile applications (app) for sites of the Roman Limes, a built cultural heritage site stretching across Europe. Some of these sites already form part of the transboundary UNESCO World Heritage Site Frontiers of the Roman Empire (FREWHS).

The ALApp project will, firstly, develop an advanced app platform, allowing app creation for interactive site interpretation and on-site visitor engagement. The development will allow virtual 3D and 4D reconstructions and will use augmented reality to make visitor interactions as engaging and informative as currently possible technologically.

Secondly, ALApp will demonstrate the platform development by producing app content for select FREWHS sites in Bavaria and Scotland. Content production will be state of the art, including virtual reconstructions presented as augmented reality. These forms of advanced content will also be used to link archaeological objects stored off-site in museums with their original site context, by allowing visitors to experience and virtually interact with the object directly on site. The easily customisable and transferrable app platform will be made freely available to other Limes regions.

Thirdly, ALApp will engage stakeholders concerned with Limes sites across Europe, including local community groups, local and regional authorities, and organisations managing and presenting Limes sites, as well as specialist technological firms working in the heritage sector. The stakeholders will include both the current FREWHS regions (Bavaria, Baden-Wurttemberg, England, Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate and Scotland) and the Limes regions currently preparing to join this transboundary World Heritage Sites (in Austria, Hungary, the Netherlands, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia and Slovakia.) Through this wide, yet specialist engagement, the ALApp project will gain feedback on its app platform and content developments –including feedback from prospective clients / end-users– and prepare for the transfer of the app to other Limes regions. Looking forward, the project also aims at using this stakeholder engagement to develop future proposal ideas for a Creative Europe Network or Platform to share ideas, concepts and developments in heritage app developments, including, but not limited to, mobile and on-site technologies.

Dr Patricia Weeks, Antonine Wall World Heritage Site Coordinator for Historic Environment Scotland, said: “Over the last twelve months we have made great strides in digitally interpreting the Antonine Wall. Thanks to this significant commitment from Creative Europe, as well as Historic Environment Scotland’s own substantial investment, we are now able to build on that work and expand our use of innovative technologies to engage the widest audience possible."

  • Status
  • Completed
  • Project Launch
  • 01 May 2016
  • Project completed
  • 30 April 2019
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