Health at the Heart of the Urban Development Strategy – Creating Healthy Environments

University of Edinburgh | City of Utrecht | Métropole de Lyon | European Commission DG SANTE

The University of Edinburgh, along with a number of European partners, are organising a side event during the European Week of Regions and Cities. The event will focus on creating a healthy urban environment in the face of environmental and social challenges in cities.

Currently 72% of the European population is living in cities, and that number is growing. This leads to new environmental and societal challenges we haven’t seen before. How can we realise a healthy urban environment while simultaneously maintaining good access, improving air quality and reducing noise pollution?

Questions such as these will be asked and answered during this political dialogue, which will focus on healthy urban living and inclusive health. The organising partnership is convinced that health at the heart of urban development strategy makes people happier, our environment healthier and our economy more sustainable.

The partners participating represent an interesting mix of institutions, such as international and European organisations, regions and cities, and academia. More specifically, DG SANTE has a European perspective on health and food safety. The WHO has an international ambition and has started a European movement on engaging local governments through the European Healthy Cities Network. The Metropolitan area of Lyon has a goal to incorporate health into their smart city ambition for their 1,3 million inhabitants.Furthermore, the University of Edinburgh is currently working on

Furthermore, the University of Edinburgh is currently working on urban inclusive design with a focus on social health of the elderly, and can therefore provide us with an academic approach to healthy cities. Lastly, Utrecht will be represented by Deputy Mayor for health Victor Everhart.  Combining these partners and your presence will surely result in an engaging conversation.


  • Welcome with coffee, tea and breakfast
  • Opening by moderator and brief introduction to panellists
  • Opening statement on Healthy Urban Living by Victor Everhardt, Deputy Mayor on Health, Utrecht
  • Panel discussion with representatives and debate with participants
    • Monika Kosinska, Focal Point, WHO European Healthy Cities Network
    • John F. Ryan, Director Public health, country knowledge, crisis management (DG SANTE), European Commission
    • Thierry Philip, Vice president of Lyon Métropole in charge of Health and well-being
    • Catharine Ward Thomson, Director of the OPENspace research centre, and Associate Dean for Research, Knowledge Exchange and Impact for the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Edinburgh
    • Victor Everhardt, Deputy Mayor on Health, City of Utrecht
  • Wrap up and next steps

To register for the event, email before 6 October.

Event Information

11-10-2017 08:30

Venue Location

Scotland House
Rond-Point Schuman 6
Rickard Eksten

Scotland House
Rond-Point Schuman 6