Biotechnology: Opportunities for Scotland in Horizon 2020 and other European Funding Programmes

Horizon 2020 Scottish Support Framework

Horizon 2020 Scottish Support Framework 

Opportunities for Scotland in Horizon 2020 and other European Funding Programmes: Biotechnology

 24th June 2015, 10:30 – 15:30

Technology & Innovation Centre |99 George Street | Glasgow | G1 1RD


Biotechnology covers a broad range of high-tech applications which are increasingly making a significant contribution to the modernisation of Europe's industrial sectors.


Recognised as a Key Enabling Technology within Europe, biotechnology is now playing a key role in healthcare and pharmaceutical applications; industrial processes and manufacturing; and agriculture, livestock, veterinary products and aquaculture.


The Innovation and Strategic Partnerships Group, in collaboration with the Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre (IBioIC) invite you to this informative session which will provide a forum to learn more about the current and future funding opportunities within Horizon 2020 and other funding programmes, as well as discuss and further develop your own project concepts.

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 The areas of discussion will include:

  • Biotechnology and Horizon 2020
  • Lessons learnt: Building on what we now know
  • Looking ahead: A Preview of Funding Opportunities for 2016 and 2017
  • Opportunities for SMEs
  • Funding opportunities in other EU programmes

Upon registration you will receive further details about the programme and these areas of discussion, allowing you to maximise this opportunity.

 These workshops are open to all interested Scottish Stakeholders including:


  • Industry (large companies as well as SMEs)
  • Public sector stakeholders
  • Research and Technology organisations.For further information or to express interest, please contact us via

This event is being delivered with the support of the Scottish Innovation and Strategic Partnerships

Event Information

24-06-2015 | 09:30-15:35

Venue Location

Richard Buxbaum