Webinar: Freedom to Operate in Horizon 2020

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Webinar: Freedom to Operate in Horizon 2020

The IPR Helpdesk are running a short webinar on Freedom to operate. 

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The first part will provide participants with a general description of Freedom to Operate analysis.

The second part will elaborate on the role of FTO in Horizon2020 projects and the European Commission position. Particular attention will be paid to the SME instrument, encouraging the beneficiaries to think about potential issues connected to intellectual property and intellectual property rights, even during the project proposal stage.

Finally, the third part of the web session will give a practical example of FTO in the day-to-day activity of the company PATEV, that has a long track record in helping SMEs solving issues connected to IPR. In particular, the examples will be helpful for participants to understand how FTO was useful for the company, what strategic decisions have been made on the information disclosed by the FTO analysis, and what would have happened if they would have chosen to conduct business without caring about potential IPR market barriers and restrictions.

Learning Objectives

After the training, participants should be able to answer the following main questions:

  • What is FTO, what are the different FTO types, what level of accuracy can be chosen in the data analysis?
  • Why is FTO strategically important for commercialisation activities of SMEs?
  • When should SMEs choose to invest in FTO analysis and how much should they budget for that?
  • What does FTO mean in a H2020 founded project?
  • What are the documents and sources from the EC where FTO analysis is mentioned?
  • What is FTO in the SME instrument?

Event Information

20-06-2018 | 09:30-10:30

Venue Location

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