Horizon 2020 Webinar: Embedding Social Sciences and Humanities

Societal Challenge Six: Europe in a changing world UK National Contact Point

2019 work programme information events

Following the update to Work Programme 2019 for Horizon 2020 earlier this year, information events discussing Societal Challenge Six: Europe in a changing world, as well as wider research funding opportunities for social sciences and humanities available in Horizon 2020 over this period

The Webinar address will be provided on registration 

Further events will be held in:

Registration for these events is now open, on a 'first come, first served' basis

For more information about the events, please contact:
Email: challenge6ncp@esrc.ukri.org
Twitter: @H2020_SC6_UKNCP


Event Information

09-01-2019 | 14:00-14:00

Venue Location

Rachel Kelley