Horizon 2020 EIC Webinar: 'EIC Pilot: How to succeed in the EIC Pathfinder and Accelerator 2020 calls

European Commission

The European Commission has organised a dedicated webinar for The European Innovation Council (EIC) calls, including the EIC Pathfinder and Accelerator 2020.

The funding within the European Innovation Council (EIC) includes the FET Open , FET Proactive,  Accelerator 2020 (SME Instrument), Fast Track to Innovation calls and Prizes.

To find out more visit https://access2eic.eu/infoday-webinar-eic-pilot-how-to-succeed-in-the-eic-pathfinder-and-accelerator-2020-calls/

The objective of the event is to provide up-to-date information on the content of the last Pathfinder and Accelerator calls under Horizon 2020 to potential applicants as well as information on support to the applicants available at the national and European levels. Useful tips and experience with the schemes will be presented by expert evaluators as well as successful applicants.


Event Information

26-03-2020 | 08:30-14:30

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