Customs, Taxation and Fight against Fraud (2014-2020)

€ 908,000,000

Customs, Taxation and Fight against Fraud
European Union Funding
for Research & Innovation
Purpose Customs and taxation: the Customs 2020 programme supports the functioning and modernisation of the Customs Union. The Fiscalis 2020 programme supports the functioning of the taxation systems in the Union and in particular the fight against tax fraud, tax evasion and aggressive tax planning. Both programmes achieve this objective by funding a highly secured communication network allowing exchange of information between national customs and tax administrations and by promoting knowledge-sharing and networking between officials of the EU countries customs and tax authorities. Fight against fraud: the Pericles 2020 programme aims at combating euro-counterfeiting in Europe and worldwide. It funds exchanges, assistances and training for authorities, banks and others involved in the protection of euro coins and banknotes. The Hercule III programme is dedicated to fighting fraud, corruption and any other illegal activities affecting the financial interests of the EU, including the fight against cigarette smuggling and counterfeiting. The programme helps national law enforcement authorities in their fight against illegal cross-border activities by financing technical and operational support and professional training activities.
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Budget Line Competitiveness for growth and jobs
Directorate General Taxation and Customs Union (TAXUD)
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