EU Nuclear Decommissioning Assistance (2014-2020)

€ 553,000,000

EU Nuclear Decommissioning Assistance
European Union Funding
for Research & Innovation
Purpose The financial assistance is to help Lithuania, Slovakia and Bulgaria with the shut down of Soviet-style nuclear reactors (Ignalia, Bohunice and Kozloduy) which are outdated and do not meet safety requirements. The three countries committed to closing these reactors as part of their EU Accession Treaty. Eligible projects are limited to decommissioning and waste management at three specific nuclear reactors in Lithuania (Ignalia), Slovakia (Bohunice) and Bulgaria (Kozloduy). However, measures funded from the assistance programme in all three countries go far beyond pure decommissioning and dismantling projects and cover also for example the design and construction of a landfill facility and near surface repository for the management of radioactive waste, the treatment of operational waste and support to the nuclear regulators and nuclear waste agencies. The assistance is implemented through the International Decommissioning Support Fund (IDSF), managed by the European bank for Reconstruction and Development ( EBRD).
Call Frequency Ongoing applications
Budget Line Competitiveness for growth and jobs
Directorate General Energy (ENER)
Low Carbon


Decommissioning of nuclear facilities - Energy - European Commission

The decommissioning of a nuclear installation such as a powe...

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