North Sea Region V Programme (2014-2020)

€ 167,253,971

North Sea Region V Programme
European Union Funding
for Research & Innovation
Purpose The Programme aims to embed greater cooperation in working practices across the North Sea Region (NSR) as a way of tackling joint challenges, pooling expertise and building lasting links between businesses and institutions throughout the NSR. The North Sea Region (NSR) comprises the whole of Norway and Denmark, the eastern parts of the United Kingdom, three provinces of the Flemish Region of Belgium, the north western regions of Germany, the northern and western parts of the Netherlands and the south western area of Sweden. All regions are on or close to the coast of the North Sea itself. The NSR covers an area of some 664,000 km2 and approximately 60 million people.
Call Frequency Every Six months
Budget Line Economic, social and territorial cohesion
Directorate General Regional Policy (REGIO)
Energy Efficiency Low Carbon Oil and Gas Transport Blue Growth Creative Industries Cultural Heritage and Tourism Digital Agenda Entrepreneurship and Industry Manufacturing and Enabling Technologies Circular Economy and Bio-economy Climate change Eco-Innovation Environment Innovation SME Innovation Regional Development Rural Development Smart Specialisation Urban and Smart Cities



The Interreg VB North Sea Region Programme 2014 - 2020 suppo...

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